Men drink wine, the other creatures drink spring water.
Vina bibant homines, animantia cetera fontes.
Medical school precept (dated 1000).

To enjoy one of our traditional dishes, it needs to be served with the right wine, and vice versa. The general criterion governing food and wine combinations is their ability to elicit balanced flavour sensations, and for this to be achieved the components of the wine need to suitably match those of the food. We have explored the subject of matching food and wine by considering all the olfactory and taste characteristics of the dishes we offer our diners. Our wine list is varied and carefully selected, offering customers an array of wines from different regions of Italy, with a particular preference for the wines of Friuli. Our wine cellar also stands out for its prestigious vintages and includes Italian and foreign reds and whites, rosés and a selection of Champagne, Franciacorta and Prosecco.
The complete sensory experience.

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