Gluten free fish-based menus
Even small amounts of gluten can be harmful for celiacs, which is why we have prepared a special menu based on fresh fish that takes this particular intolerance into account.

Prawn cocktail
Seafood salad

First courses
Potato gnocchi with courgettes and prawns
Tagliatelle with salmon (cream-free)

Main courses
Swordfish with herbs
Baked king prawns

Sbrisolona (traditional crunchy tart)
Chocolate tart

Vegetarian menus
We focus particular attention on the low calorie content of many of our recipes.
As well as our best selection of typical dishes, guests can also try our vegetarian menu.
An opportunity and an additional service in order that we can satisfy absolutely everyone.

Fireplace menus
We have joined the Venetians for Venice initiative and chosen to restore the seven fireplaces of the Doge’s apartment in the Doge’s Palace. Linking our name to the history of these beautiful works of art has been a source of new professional ideas, and in fact along with our chefs we decided to retrieve some 16th century Venetian recipes and rework them with a modern twist. That is how our fireplace menus came into being.

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