Fish Appetizers


Fried and marinated Sardines with Soft Onions Venetian style;

Mussels & Clams sauté with Tomato sauce and Croutons;

Baby boiled Octopus with Celery, Patatoes and Vinaigrette;

Salt Cod fish mousse on soft Polenta;

Fried and marinated scampi Venetian style;

Fish-Scallops gratinated (4 pieces);

Wild smoked Salmon on Green salad;

Tuna tartarre with House dressing;

Selection of boiled Fish “Vecia Cavana”;

Selection of Raw Fish “Vecia Cavana”;

Spider Crab salad;

Gluten free options on request.

Meat and Vegetables

Heart of Artichokes, Mozzarella and Black Truffle;

Beef Carpaccio with Rocket salad and Flakes of Parmesan cheese;

Thinly sliced “San Daniele” Raw Ham;

Veal with Tuna sauce;

Niçoise Salad (Green salad, Rocket salad, Tomatoes, Eggs, Tuna, String beans, Anchovies);

Gluten free options on request.

Fish Pasta

Bigoli Pasta with Anchovies and Onion;

Spaghetti with Clams and Mullet Roe;

Spaghetti with Shrimps and Spicy Tomatoes sauce;

Squid ink Tagliolini Pasta with Scampi and Vegetables in season;

Sea Food risotto;

Gluten free options on request.

Meats Pastas and Vegetatian

Fresh tagliolini with Porcini Mushrooms;

Paccheri short Pasta with Bacon, Pecorino cheese and Black Truffle;

Vegetables Ravioli with fresh Tomato sauce and Basil;

Gluten free options on request.

Fish Main Courses

Grilled Catch of the day;

Baked SeaBass with Potatoes and Artichokes;

Cuttle-Fish Venetian style in black sauce with Polenta;

Mixed Fried with fried Vegetables;

Tuna Steak in Sesame crust;

The great mixed grilled of Fish (min. 2 pax);

Baked Turbot Venetian style;

Grilled Scampi;

Gluten free options on request.

Meat Main Courses

Calf’s Liver Venetian style with soft Polenta;

Fillet of Beef with Red Wine sauce and Black truffle;

Veal Escalops with Porcini Mushroom sauce;

Grilled Lamb Chops;

Gluten free options on request.

Side Dishes

Mixed or Green salad;

Selection of grilled or/and boiled Vegetables;

Spinach with Garlic;

Rucola salad with Parmesan flakes;


Selection of Local Cheeses (Parmigiano Reggiano 24 mesi - Taleggio Gorgonzola dolce - Pecorino Toscano);


Home made Tiramisù;

Chocolate Mousse;

Pistacchio Mousse;

Mimosa cake with Cream and Fruit;

Chocolate cake with Wiphed Cream;

Almonds cake;

Meringue with Dark flakes Chocolate Drops;

Daily dessert;

Gluten free options on request.


Vegetarian menus
We focus particular attention on the low calorie content of many of our recipes.
As well as our best selection of typical dishes, guests can also try our vegetarian menu.
An opportunity and an additional service in order that we can satisfy absolutely everyone.

Fireplace menus
We have joined the Venetians for Venice initiative and chosen to restore the seven fireplaces of the Doge’s apartment in the Doge’s Palace. Linking our name to the history of these beautiful works of art has been a source of new professional ideas, and in fact along with our chefs we decided to retrieve some 16th century Venetian recipes and rework them with a modern twist. That is how our fireplace menus came into being.

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